Meet The Crew

Meet our lovely land creatures


Manager & Dive Instructor

More About Kristen

Favourite thing about Ningaloo?
“The health and diversity of the Corals. Plus you never know what your going to find out on the reef!”

Fun fact about you?
“I was a national gymnast when I was younger.”

Favourite Marine Species?
“Scalloped hammerhead shark. They are amazing predators and sharks are the best!”


Manager & Dive Instructor

More About Rich

Favourite thing about Ningaloo?
“It’s a land of surprise and mystery! Its one of the few places in the world where you can see such beautiful and abundant hard corals.”

Fun fact about you?
“I hate pineapple on pizza. It does not belong there!

Favourite marine species?
“Mantis Shrimp. They have the most sophisticated eye in the animal kingdom.”


Dive Master

More about Josh

Favourite thing about Ningaloo?
“Everything that it has to offer in and out of the water.”

Fun fact about you?
“On my second trip around Australia I came to Coral Bay for a two week holiday and never left, 5 years later and Im still here!”

Favourite marine species?
“Barracuda and nudibranchs.”






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