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No sighting policy
No Sighting Policy

All tours are subject to minimum passenger numbers and weather conditions. Refunds are only given when tours are cancelled due to weather or not meeting minimum passengers required. All booking cancellations must be made 72 hours in advance of your tour date to receive any refunds.

While every effort is made to locate the wildlife mentioned in our above tours, our tours are “nature based” and we cannot guarantee sightings. This is not a common occurrence as we operate our tours during the known times of the year for the specific creatures to be around the Ningaloo Reef Marine Park.

All tours are conducted under DEC license conditions to ensure sustainability of the Ningaloo Reef Marine Park, surrounding environment and all its wildlife for future generations to enjoy and appreciate.

Upgrade to a Full or Half Day Manta Ray Interaction tour

Upgrade includes guided reef dives, searching for the manta rays with a spotter plane, morning and afternoon snacks, buffet lunch (full day tour only), hot and cold drinks!

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Try Scuba Diving in Ningaloo with Discover SCUBA

Our Discover SCUBA course allows you to experience this wonderful underwater world with one of our qualified instructors for a truly unforgettable visit and the start of new adventures.

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Why We Love Manta Rays <3

Known as “Birds of the Sea”!
Graceful, with bird-like wings.

They filter feed zooplankton!
Lucky, because their teeth are useless. 

They’re water acrobats!
They can do somersaults.


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