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Snorkel the Ningaloo Reef with Humpback Whales in 2017

In 2016, for the very first time in Western Australia and the Ningaloo Reef, the Department of Parks and Wildlife granted special marine mammal licences to a select few tour operators, including Ningaloo Reef Dive and Snorkel.

The trial provided 1,644 tourists with an in-water interaction with Humpback Whales on the Ningaloo Reef. Thanks to its success, we are ecstatic to announce its return in 2017!

What to expect

The Humpback Whales start their migration North from Antartica to the Kimberley in June and we keep seeing them until they are on their back down south until around November. During this time it is estimated that 22,000 whales pass through the Ningaloo Reef, sometimes stopping to rest, shelter and play in the calm waters of Coral Bay. Our licence allows us to run this tour from 1st of August to 21st of October 2017.

While every effort is made to locate the wildlife mentioned in our tours we are dealing with mother nature and animal behaviour, therefore the opportunities will vary from day to day. Nothing in nature is guaranteed. The use of our dedicated spotter plane assists in sightings and interpreting whale behaviour on the day, which is the best way for us to judge the in-water interaction.

All of our crew are highly trained PADI Dive Masters and Instructors and they will endeavour to place you in the water at a safe distance from the humpback whales, either from the side or in front of the Whale’s path. It is then all up to our friendly whales and each interaction will be on their terms. Humpback whales can be curious and may approach swimmers, or just pass by. An in-water interaction is defined as being in the water within the exclusive contact zone. To be notified when these tours are made available, please register for our newsletter!

Sorry, there is no refund or repeat voucher offered on this tour.

We want to be as honest as we can with you, that an in-water interaction with a humpback whale will be an extremely rare privilege for all concerned, and at all times the safety of our guests and the welfare of the whales will be our main concerns. Therefore this means that an in-water interaction will not be possible every time we attempt one, when the conditions and whales allow…. you will never forget it!

Our whale shark vessel ‘Sicilia’ will be used for this tour and has plenty of shaded areas, comfortable seating and plenty of room out on the bow to look for dolphins, whale watch or simply sun yourself!

Our tour runs between 6-7 hours in length, with times varied on whale behaviour and weather conditions. We will provide you with fresh, delicious food throughout the tour. All of your snorkel equipment and long wetsuit is provided.

Your day will begin with a snorkel on the amazing Ningaloo Reef where you may encounter reef sharks, turtles, stingrays, fish and much much more! We will then make our way out to the Whales playground to observe the humpback whales in their natural environment.

Please note the ‘observer’ rate includes your reef snorkel and whale watching only. If you select ‘observer’ at the time of booking and wish to upgrade to ‘swimmer’ when the possibility of an in-water interaction arises with a humpback whale on board, an additional $100 per person will be applicable.

Why We Love Humpback Whales <3

Humpbacks are the noisiest whales!

Males ‘sing’ for up to 15 minutes at a time.

They are excellent swimmers!

Their massive tail fin is called a fluke.

Humpback Whales have two blow holes!

Each lung is the size of a small car.


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