What to bring on your Ningaloo Adventure

When booking a tour the most common questions posed is “What should I bring along?”

Bring what you would to the beach.
Except for your umbrella! No need plenty of shade on the boat.

Sun protection, suncream, polarised sunglasses and hat are a must.
Stay sun safe and sun smart.  Apply suncream at least 30 minutes before entering the water.  Suncream can slip into your eyes and cause that uncomfortable stinging sensation if applied within minutes of jumping into the natural swimming pool. When you rub your eye to relieve the discomfort you probably end up rubbing more into your retina…ouch!!!

Polarised glasses are preferred.
They allow you to see through the surface of the sea and really check out the definition of the wildlife. Perfect for those occasions when we are blessed with dolphins, tiger shark, humpback whales, dugongs and manta rays from the surface on the boat.

No need for a watch.
You are on holiday. As long as you remember to set the alarm for the sign in early morning. Check with staff for your sign in time.

Bring along some clothing so when out of the water you will be comfortable and dry.
After your snorkel or SCUBA dive, it is vital to get yourself dry.  Have the wetsuit pulled down to your bottom half and get your top half dry.  This way you avoid repeating the wetsuit dance that you did earlier in the morning.  Now with your body partially dry, you will prevent your skin being cold and the body working out and attempting to generate heat by shivering. 

All the fresh drinking water you can drink is provided ice cold.
Coffee and tea available throughout the day with snacks and refreshments.  Stay hydrated throughout the day. Swimming with wildlife is active and you may be surprised how much energy you exert and how much fun you have without even knowing.  Of course, don’t pee in your wetsuit. You may have a few moments of sensational warmth but in the long-run it will actually cool your body down and reduce your warmth. And it smells all day.  The vessel comes with a ‘head’ aboard, a boatical term for loo or toilet. 

Lunch is served with a delicious spread buffet style.
Plenty of fresh vegetables and fruits. Cold cut meats and cheese. Pasta salad and rice salad. Let the shop staff know if you have any food allergies or dietary needs so that we can prepare lunch accordingly. No seafood is served as we are in a sanctuary zone.  Vegetarians, gluten free, lactose intolerant…we cater for all.

All equipment is supplied on our snorkel and SCUBA diving tours.
If you have your own equipment and are comfortable with the design and fit, then we would advise to bring along. You are more than welcome to bring into the shop and compare what is most comfortable for you.

All our fins are made for comfort.
Closed foot that does not require a boot. The are made of durable rubber for that perfect fit.  With your heel within, flex your knee forward like Michael Jackson and check to see if you stay inside.  

Our masks are all defogged with the tried and tested method of toothpaste to remove the seal that comes out of the factory. 
We hold many variations for different faces and smiles onboard.  Often the main cause for new masks fogging up is that you may not have removed the seal. We also carry de-fog on the boat to degrease the mask and prevent it from fogging up.  The secret portion and ingredients can be revealed on board.  One bottle will last you a lifetime and no tears.

We have wetsuits for all shapes and sizes, for young and mature. 
3mm for our snorkelers to keep you cozy and enable you to move streamlined on the surface of the sea. 5mm for our SCUBA divers who are immersed in the water column. Shorties for those that don’t feel the cold. Full length wet suits available for the fair weather water enthusiast. If you know you get cold, let the shop staff know and well see what else we can give you to cozy you up.

We want the wetsuit to fit snug as a bug. Often customers are surprised when we offer a smaller suit to what they expect.  We love to compliment our customers. Also we want the wetsuit to be a tight fit so that the water is trapped inside the neoprene suit and warms up to your body heat. When the wetsuit is slack, it enables water to constantly flow through and cool down you skin and body temperature. 

The hardest part of the day is trying on the wetsuit. You will do a wetsuit dance and may find it difficult to pull onto dry skin. We promise once in the water the suit will stretch out at your leisure. A good check when the zipper is done up, see if you can stretch you arms and elbows up in the air and down to you knees. The most common comment is I cannot breathe.  If so we will have the emergency services on standby and brace ourselves for primary first aid. If you can talk, you can breathe. And hopefully laugh to this awful sense of humour.  If the suit does feel tight around the neck and uncomfortable we will advise the next size up. Comfort is key. When your comfortable you will enjoy, explore and experience the Ningaloo Reef to is full potential.

And of course, all the in-water entertainment is included from our fun, friendly and experienced guides.

We hope to SeA you soon!!! Thanks for reading.


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