Wildlife is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you are going to get…

The Ningaloo Reef is thriving with marine life. An abundance of coral colonies and fish life dwell in the fringing reef accessible from the shore. Coral Bay is located in the heart of the Ningaloo Reef where you can experience and explore the best natural wildlife that the Western Australian coastline has to offer.

To take full advantage of nature’s paradise, come and join us on our Ningaloo Reef Wildlife Safaris to discover the best diversity of marine life both inside and outside of the reef.

Whaleshark swimming in Coral Bay
Whale Shark front on in Coral Bay Western Australia
Whale Shark in Coral Bay, Western Australia
Whaleshark and humans swimming side by side with Ningaloo Reef Dive & Snorkel

Now you have invested a considerable amount of effort, time and money to travel to the world heritage site that is Coral Bay and the Ningaloo Reef. You want as much time as possible to locate and enjoy the wildlife. You probably require a team that is experienced, passionate and knowledgeable about where the wildlife may be. You probably will need the best logistics to best facilitate the in water live interactions that can happen.

When you visit any national park wherever you maybe, you want to explore the vast terrain that roams wild in the wildness. You may often commit a number of days to a safari further afield in East African Tanzania Serengeti or the Yosemite National Park in Wyoming. Surely you wouldn’t only take a stroll for a morning or a half day tour to see only what is beyond the entrance zone of the park. What about the outer reef perimeter, the deeper blue, the passages of the reef and the outer reef highways. Journey here and experience and enjoy the bigger wildlife that is larger than life.

At Ningaloo Reef Dive & Snorkel we own our personal spotter plane that is typically airborne for up to 3 hours to locate any activity and silhouettes from the sky. The vessel and crew will orchestrate the best vantage point to experience the wildlife above and below the Ningaloo Reef.

Humpback whales are typically sighted on their annual migration to warmer waters where they seek sanctuary to rest with their newborn calves. Experience their behaviours from breaching, logging, pectoral slapping, and fluking from the best spot on the boat.

Manta Rays can be found all year round close to the Coral Bay waters to be spotted from the sky where we are able to choreograph a live interaction.

You may discover the outer reef for an exploratory snorkel to explore beyond the reef flat where greater numbers of schooling fish patrol the water highways. Experience unknown locations beyond the reef to some of the most secret pristine waters on the Western Australian coastline that we have only visited a handful of times.


How does the wildlife tour differ from the manta ray tour?

Probably the most popular question asked of us in the shop besides “where is the bakery…”

The wildlife tour appeals to those that seek to witness the wonders of nature in their natural habitat. We have a looser schedule in the middle of the day for the reason that you never know what you might see.

A typical day starts with a snorkel in the shallow lagoon of the fringing reef amongst 200 different species of coral colonies and 500 species of fish life that dwell in the Ningaloo Marine Park. By 10-10.30am our personal spotter plane will be airborne to search the extensive area where any wildlife may patrol. We will have a bite to eat with some lunch and finish the day off with an afternoon snorkel.

Now in between the typical structured snorkels we will endeavour to find anything and everything that the reef blesses you with. Nothing is guaranteed but it is just a privilege to search amongst such wildlife.  Nature will write the narrative.

It is for this reason the wildlife tour cannot be boxed in as a manta ray tour, a humpback whale tour or a snorkel tour. We will provide you with the perfect viewing platform and facilitate the best opportunistic interactions that nature can offer you. Every day is different on the reef as nature writes the narrative when you take the plunge to be part of the story.

It is the ultimate wildlife tour on the Ningaloo Reef. and is determined by environmental and weather conditions but just like Forrest Gump says, ‘Wildlife is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re going to get…’

Wildlife Tour Departs Typically Everyday.

What you need to know?

Sign in @ 7.30 am at the dive centre in Coral Bay…next to the bakery!

Includes lunch, snacks, drinking water, coffee, tea and snacks.

All equipment supplied including long or short wetsuits.

Chance encounters typically include but not guaranteed to:

  • humpback whales
  • dugongs
  • dolphins
  • reef sharks
  • whale sharks
  • sea turtles
  • manta rays
  • tropical fish life
  • coral colonies
    and much much more…

Bring along your sun protection and swimwear. Some dry and comfortable clothing to cosy up to when out of the water and get the best viewing positions on the bow of the boat.

Let us know if you have any food allergies or dietary requirements and we will cater.

Sounds good, huh? Secure your spot on a Whale & Wildlife Tour today!

Whale Shark

Whaleshark Adventure

Swim with the biggest fish in the world for an encounter never to be forgotten.

Manta Ray

Manta Ray Interaction

Swim up close with these amazing creatures as they glide, roll and feed.

Humpback Whale

Whale & Wildlife Tour

Experience 2 or more snorkels at the best spots on the reef!

Scuba Diving

Dive & Snorkel Ningaloo Reef

Swim alongside the sea life amongst the majestic corals of Ningaloo Reef.