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Welcome to the Ningaloo Coast, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Ningaloo Reef Dive observes the “No Touch” protocol and is committed to the preservation & conservation of this natural area, and the education of its visitors.


Ocean Adventures

There are more ways than one to discover the Ningaloo Reef


Whale Shark

Whaleshark Adventure

Swim with the biggest fish in the world for an encounter never to be forgotten.

Manta Ray

Manta Ray Interaction

Swim up close with these amazing creatures as they glide, roll and feed.

Humpback Whale

Whale & Wildlife Tour

Experience 2 or more snorkels at the best spots on the reef!

Scuba Diving

Dive & Snorkel Ningaloo Reef

Swim alongside the sea life amongst the majestic corals of Ningaloo Reef.

Scuba Diving

Stay calm & blow bubbles


Fun Dives on Ningaloo


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PADI Scuba School


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In Air Tours

See the Ningaloo Reef from the sky


Discover Our Scenic Tours


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Create Your Own Scenic Tour


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What Our Customers Say

Absolutely brilliant! Outstanding service! …All the guys who work there are fab, Jess and Rich and all rest of the crew! A definate must, so well organised and thorough!


September 2016

Memorable day. It was an awesome day With Ningaloo Reef Dive !!! One of my best day in Australia we saw 3 turtles and one Big turtle that wasn’t shy so we took pictures with her !! Also we saw dolphins, Sharks and of course mantas rays !!! The Cruise staff was very nice too !!


September 2016

One of the best days in the ocean I’ve ever had! The crew – Aaron, Josh & Csptain Stevie were legends & helped us spot mantas, humpbacks, false killers, turtles, sharks & a whole host other amazing marine life. Would definitely recommend & will definitely be back! Thanks guys.


September 2016

Experience all that Coral Bay has to offer in Western Australia

Our amazing Coral Bay adventures will ensure you experience all that Coral Bay has to offer! Explore the beautiful Ningaloo Reef with its spectacular corals and stunning wildlife. Swim with majestic manta rays guided by our passionate and experienced tour guides.

Swim with whale sharks who patrol the tropical waters of Ningaloo Reef. We have options to suit; from half day snorkelling tours with manta rays, to daily reef dives that showcase amazing Ningaloo Reef in all its glory.

We use local knowledge to take you to untouched areas of the Ningaloo Reef on our reef safaris and use our spotter planes for spotting whale sharks, manta rays and anything else that might be out there. This will give you the best chance to swim with the mystical creatures of Ningaloo.

We have a Coral Bay Adventure to suit everyone!



Manager & Dive Master

Favourite thing about Ningaloo

“The health and diversity of the Corals. Plus you never know what your going to find out on the reef!.”

Ningaloo News

The latest news from our digs.


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