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Experience all that Coral Bay has to offer with our amazing Coral Bay adventures!

Explore the beautiful Ningaloo Reef with its spectacular corals and stunning wildlife.

Swim with majestic manta rays guided by our passionate and experienced tour guides.

Swim with whale sharks whom patrol the tropical waters of Ningaloo Reef. We have options to suit; from half day snorkelling tours with manta rays, to daily reef dives that showcase amazing Ningaloo Reef in all its glory.

We use our local knowledge to take you to untouched areas of Ningaloo Reef on our outer reef safaris’, and use planes for spotting Ningaloo Reef whale sharks giving you the best chance to swim with these mystical creatures of the deep. We have a Coral Bay adventure to suit!

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Scuba Diving Course
Ever wondered what it feels like to be able to breathe underwater?
Learn to dive from $380
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Ningaloo Reef Dive Shop
Our dive shop offers a wide range of merchandise and accessories to meet all levels of snorkelling and diving.
#1 Dive Shop in Coral Bay
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Coral Bay Information
Coral Bay is a small town site located approximately 1100KM north of Perth
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