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✦Dive ✦ Snorkel Or Observe

Quick Details

Certified Scuba Diver
Discover Diver Gear Included
Adult Snorkeler Ages 16+
Child Snorkeler Ages 5 - 15
Observer (Non-Swimmer) Ages 5+
Family Snorkel 2 Adults & 2 Children (Ages 5-15)

Have you ever wanted to explore the amazing Ningaloo Reef in Coral Bay, WA?

What is included

✅ PADI Instructor or Dive Master guiding you to the highlights at our dive and snorkel sites.

✅ All of your equipment including a full length or short wetsuit, mask/snorkel and fins plus regulator, weights and a tank if you are SCUBA diving.

✅ Use of a spotter plan to help us locate manta rays and humpback whales.

✅ Buffet lunch on board, morning tea and light refreshments including tea, coffee, milo, soup, cordial and fresh drinking water.

About the tour

This full day experience will take you on a adventure exploring the spectacular diving and snorkeling locations on the world heritage listed Ningaloo Reef.

You will have the unique opportunity to snorkel with manta rays, observe humpback whales as they migrate along our coast and SCUBA dive or snorkel at one of our favorite locations.

The tour meets at 8am and returns around 3pm. We start the day by checking you in at our shop (Shop 8, Coral Bay Arcade) where we will provide you with your equipment that you need for the day. From there we will travel to the jetty on our buses to begin the tour.

This tour includes a snorkel or dive on the incredible Ningaloo Reef where you have the chance to see a variety of tropical fish, possibly turtles, sharks and beautiful coral structures.
From here, we will head into the next bay area and send out spotter plane in search for manta rays. If we are successful in our search, then you would have the opportunity to snorkel with them.
Next we will cruise the bay in search of other marine animals while the crew prepare lunch. Following lunch, we will head outside the reef in search of humpback whales to view as they migrate and frolic their way along our coastline. Then it’s time to head back to the jetty and finish the day back at the shop.

Information for SCUBA Divers

Our dive sites are beautiful coral reefs that have a varied depth of 4m to 12m, with the average depth being at 6-9m. As Ningaloo Reef is a fringing reef system, it is quite shallow all around but filled with spectacular coral structures and marine life. All of our dives are guided with a maximum group size of 8, although typically we have smaller groups.
Our dives are 45-50 minutes long and average visibility in Coral Bay is 10-15m but can vary depending on conditions. The water temperature varies from 20C up to 26C in the summer months and we provide full length 5mm wetsuits for our divers.